😠 Remote team decisions are challenging, and after they're made, they're hard to find.

"Where did we have that discussion? Is it in Slack? Maybe it's in my inbox. Hmm, let me ask the team."
Sound familiar? With Ruminate, you know exactly where your decisions live, what was discussed, and how decisions evolved.

😃 Turn team decisions into outstanding documents.

Like code, documents are read more often than they're written. Quickly find the decision document you need with tags, collaborate on decision proposal drafts before submitting for comments, and assign a decision owner to keep proposals moving forward.

🌟 Features

💬 Multi-level thread-based communication
👩🏻‍💻 Collaborative drafts
📜 Document archival and search
🧐 Decision owners
🤵🏽 External collaborators
⚙️ Fine-grained notification settings

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